conception/exhibitions » TENDERNESS OF SPACE



 As distant echoes, binding to choirs,

So to one another, in a mysterious, deep unity,

Grand - as the abyss of night and light -

Sounds, scents and colors respond



The space of life is always an intersubjective experience, because we share it with other living creatures  - humans and animals. There is a clear hierarchy and indexation in these relations, however, which influences not only the perception of reality but also our perception of ourselves. The interhuman  and interspecies space possesses its own dimensions which are displaced and restrained.     

Works at the exhibition are the most diverse from the  formal way: they are sculptures and ceramic paintings.   Plasticity , three - dimensionality and material heterogeneity of her works induces thinking about space as the extension which is a basic feature of the matter. Materiality – the natural one represented by stones, wood, well as the one  shaped by humans (casts, artificial material) is  anthropomorphized and oriented with the help of the human body: top-bottom, front-back, left-right. It describes the relationship between humans and different things as well as between people and animals. The Mutual influence of the physical and social space, as well as the body and spirit, leads to the effect of re-calibration and redefinition of the concept of balance and proportion.  Relation between what is animalistic (biological, instinctive) and human (cultural, social) is reinterpreted and redefined  into metaphorical and storytale-mythical personifications. The sculpture “Human Nature” brings associations with the mythical centaur, the animal-human hybrid but instead of the human torso, in the place of his head, he has a crowd of human figures.